J. Grant Brittain for SLVDR Craftsman Guild

our SLVDR Craftsman Guild series this time visits the legendary skateboarding photographer J. Grant Brittain. His career goes back over three decades and began out of a passion for skateboarding and documenting his friends as subjects. In our visit he chooses the negative of perhaps his most iconic photo and develops and prints it in his private darkroom. It's a lost art and represents the true craft of photography and a real photographic icon.

This year SLVDR is expanding the “Craftsman Guild” platform, it’s our association of like-minded creatives engaged in kindred pursuits whose work is consistently of the highest quality. Our main purpose with the Craftsman Guild is to call attention to these creative people who feed us inspiration and share a common direction with the SLVDR brand. The Craftsman themselves are introduced as ambassadors for the brand and further establish SLVDR as a creative and design-driven brand.

J. Grant Brittain for SLVDR Craftsman Guild from SLVDR on Vimeo.


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