Jared Eberhardt

What would you say you do?
I’m a director and a photographer, but the part of both of those that I really enjoy is the process. I guess I’m a processor.

How did growing up in the SLC shape your design sense?
I think SLC shaped my design sense by having incredible snow and mountains. There was a time where I lived to skateboard and the Salt Lake winters made it really hard to keep skating all year so I got into snowboarding as a way to pass the time until it was warm and dry enough to go outside. I wanted to be pro, but I wasn’t that good at it.But my friends all were and they were becoming pros.My way of staying in touch was shooting their photos and designing their graphics. It was always fun, even when I started getting paid to do it. Aside from that, my dad was an interior designer, so design was always a part of my life regardless of where I lived. I think that had the most influence in shaping my design sense. It was right in front of me all my life, but I didn’t realize I was a designer until I was in college well on my way to being an engineer. It actually hit me so hard that I couldn’t spend another second in school and in my third year I dropped out and started doing design full-time.

Where do you have no real urge to revisit?
Church meetings.

Your work is very detailed – does it ever make your brain hurt?
I don’t feel it in my brain as much as my stomach. When I’m doing a video, at least the good ones, the entire process always feels just a bit out of control, and I always feel like it’s going to fly apart at any moment. The hard part really is finding the way through the dark in the beginning of a project. The idea itself is only a tiny part, it’s just important that it’s exciting to me because the larger and more painful part is finding the way to make an idea work and I’m never going to make it through that part if it’s not genuinely exciting. It gets really dark for a while and all I can do is try and force it, which just serves to push it further away. There are little tricks to generating ideas, but that only gets me so far, usually I just have to wait and wait for the idea to appear from wherever they come from.

How much do you map our your work before starting? Encyclopedia or freestyle?
I use both, freestyling would never work without a solid plan, there’s just too much involved with a shoot to try and get everyone in synch without a plan. I plan, plan and keep planning for a shoot, the size of the shoot doesn’t matter, it’s always the same amount of work. But all the planning is based on imaginary circumstances, once I actually begin shooting and things become real, they don’t always look or feel like they were planned and that’s were the plan changes and the freestyle kicks in. I always plan to have some extra time in the day to freestyle and get and extra shot here and there because the freestyle shots are always where the magic happens. Sadly it’s always the ballast when you get behind.

How did you come up with the Harold Plummer?
What else would you call a concoction of Diet Coke & Lemonade? The name is from an episode of the old 80′s sit-com Alice. I don’t remember the circumstances but, Vera keeps referring to Arnold Palmer as Harold Plummer.

What music have you been listening too lately?
There is so much good music in the world, it’s overwhelming, I could make a mile long list, but here’s from my recently played list. Lots of Rolling Stones, Black Lips, Ty Segall, No Bunny, Thee Oh Sees, Johnathan Richman, Metronomy, Battles, Jamie Woon, Sandy Shaw, Mike Slott, OMD, BoomClap Batchelors, The Upsidedown, Lilly M, New Look, Beach Fossils, Nikki Lane, King Kahn & the BBQ Show, The Smiths, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Gil Scott Heron, Clor, Man Man, Mr Heavenly, The Bird and the Bee, Beach house, I could really go on for hours…

Do you work with your laptop to the right or left of your desktop monitor?
I have a tower at home, it sits below the desk on the right. The laptop is just for traveling.

What profession other than what you are doing now would you like to attempt?
Having children.

When looking, where do you find inspiration?
Honestly, the good inspiration just comes from somewhere unexpected and usually unexplained. Usually while falling asleep. I love that old Mitch Hedburg routine about when he thinks about something funny when he’s falling asleep and he has to convice himself it’s not that funny because he left the pencil and paper too far away from the bed. That happens, but not often enough to be reliable. For repeatable results, I watch a lot of movies. When I can I watch 2-3 a night. I love photography. I usually start by digging around on flickr, ffffound, or dropular. Then that leads me off to some smaller more specialized places. I look at books, but mostly for older period references, record sleeves are still probablymy favorite print thing to vibe-out on.

What design “tool” do you find the most valuable?
The deadly combo of, pencil, paper and a pink pearl eraser. Everything starts as a pencil sketch

What does “good design” mean to you?
To me, Good design is something that is new and unexpected and not just for the sake of being new and unexpected.

Who or what should be exterminated?
I don’t know that exterminating anything or anyone is a good idea.

What are you most afraid of?
Losing my drive to learn, grow and change.
Do you have any heroes?
It wavers between Stanley Kubrick, Frank Lloyd Wright and Nikolai Tesla.

What would you want your hero to say about you?
I don’t want to think about that, that’s why I choose a dead guys.

What or who was the biggest reason for your success today?
I guess it’s my willingness to stay inside and ignore all the fun things going on around me until I’ve fought my way through a project.