Philipp Michel

How many languages do you speak?
German, English, basic French

What are cooler, ninjas or pirates?

What are your most, and least, favorite words?
Most: absolute; complete; perfect – Least: Yes, but…; no; maybe

What does the world simply have too much of?
Useless products, plastic products, cars

Do you have any heroes?


Tea or coffee?

What does “good design” mean to you?
Long lasting, thought through, honest, considered

When looking, where do you find inspiration?
Travel, nature, magazines, my wife and son

Do you listen to music when you work and if so what is most often playing?
I often listen to an Austrian radio station called FM4 but also electronic to classic to punk rock. All depending on the mood and what kind of work I am doing.

How has working in Zurich molded your aesthetic?
I feel very lucky to be able to work in this ultra comfortable city. It might not be the most progressive city on the planet but I appreciate the high living quality, the food, the beautiful nature surrounding and the mentality of the Swiss people.

Tell me about one of your favorite projects and why.
I always enjoy working on technical outerwear projects because there is a clear reason what the product is built for. Everything should make sense. Either from a technical and/or aesthetic standpoint.

Film or digital?

What design “tool” do you find the most valuable?
Adobe Illustrator, InDesign. My camera.

What or who is the biggest reason for your success today?
Definitely the support of my wife, family and closest friends but also the pleasant relationship with my two business partners.

If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be?
I wouldn’t trade with Zurich at the moment.

What profession other than what you are doing now would you like to attempt?
Architect. I like the often longer lasting life cycle of the designed product. But it will probably more remain a passion instead of profession…

Is a clean desk the sign of a sick mind?
I hope not! It gives me a second the illusion that all work has been done.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, how weird are you?
Pretty average weirdness I guess…

What would you want your hero to say about you?
If he would say that I made life for my close surrounding people more positive, inspiring and caring I think I would be pretty happy…