Josh Oldenburg for SLVDR Craftsman Guild

The SLVDR Craftsman Guild series visits the Josh Oldenburg is an iconic surfboard shaper, builder and craftsman located in San Diego, California. His commitment to the craft is pure, Josh handles every aspect of the surfboard shaping and manufacturing process by himself- shaping, classic and sanding; one of the few who goes through the whole process themselves. 

This year SLVDR is expanding the “Craftsman Guild” platform, it’s our association of like-minded creatives engaged in kindred pursuits whose work is consistently of the highest quality. Our main purpose with the Craftsman Guild is to call attention to these creative people who feed us inspiration and share a common direction with the SLVDR brand. The Craftsman themselves are introduced as ambassadors for the brand and further establish SLVDR as a creative and design-driven brand.

Josh Oldenburg for SLVDR Craftsman Guild from SLVDR on Vimeo.


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